Mobile Cloud Computing – The Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile Cloud Computing: The Future of Mobile App Development
December 29, 2021

Mobile cloud computing (MCC) combines Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing to bring rich computational resources to mobile users. People can access their stored data in the cloud with an Internet connection. The speed of your Net speed connection matters a lot, and MCC has proved beneficial to both mobile users and cloud-based service providers.

The term cloud computing is commonly used in web development. But it is not limited to web development. With the increasing use of smartphones, technology is evolving for Android and IOS. Mobile cloud computing is one such addition to mobile application development. It has changed the existing world of mobile phones. Due to its increasing popularity, many companies are shifting towards cloud computing.

This booming technology integrates cloud computing applications with smartphones. This integration has proved to be one of the best technological advancements for cloud computing and mobile phones. Now your limited phone storage is not a problem anymore. With MCC, you can store your data in the cloud and access it anytime, anywhere.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Mobile cloud computing is an advanced technology where applications for mobile phones are developed, operated, and handled using cloud computing technology. This new development has enabled app developers to create amazing applications without worrying about the phone\’s operating system or storage space. Data processing and storage is done in the cloud and not on the device\’s memory. It can also be said that MCC is an integrated technology that uses cloud computing for mobile app development.

MCC allows applications to browse in the cloud, unlike native applications that do not offer these benefits. People can access their stored data in the cloud with an Internet connection. With the advent of this technology, there is more reliability, improved performance, and adaptation to the latest technology.

Types of Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be referred to as the outsourcing of computer programs. A third party hosts the programs. Anyone can access the data from anywhere in the world. There are three types of mobile computing.

  • PaaS:  Platform as a service that allows users to run, develop, and manage applications without worrying about design, programming, storage capacity, etc.
  • IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service that hosts various components based on infrastructure. It consists of software, hardware, storage, server and many more. The details are used to maintain security and backup.
  • SaaS: Software as a Service means that cloud computing has a set of software, like an internet browser, that acts as an essential working tool.

Advantages of Mobile cloud computing

Mobile cloud computing is a growing technology that has changed the world of mobile app development. One of the main reasons for its growing popularity is the key features of cloud computing. Let us dig deeper on the impact of MCC on app development in detail and understand why this technology is gaining popularity daily.

  • More storage: Without MCC, there was a constant concern about the limited storage space of mobile phones. But with cloud computing, this problem has been solved. Cloud-based applications have a larger storage capacity than other applications. The cloud\’s server is based on an infrastructure you can easily access through a mobile application.
  • Latest technology: MCC is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the latest technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, Cloudlet, Hypervisor Virtual Machines for Mobile and many more. These trending technologies are great for mobile cloud computing.
  • Trendsetter: With the increasing use of smartphones, people can access applications around the clock. They can avail of the services at their convenience. This means that there is an opportunity to increase productivity and offer better services to set new trends in the market
  • Internet Connectivity: In today’s world, the speed of your Net speed connection matters a lot. You can enjoy uninterrupted data connections with broadband connections, Wi-Fi, 4G, etc.

Why Mobile cloud computing is the future of mobile app development?

Mobile cloud computing is the future of mobile app development. For both iOS and Android users, MCC will open new doors for developing unique and new apps for mobile devices. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Cost-effective creating a unique mobile application for your brand costs money. Choosing the right features for your budget is an important task. You may need to develop different apps for iOS and Android. That\’s why MCC is a cost-effective option. It eliminates the cost of continuous app maintenance, and new businesses can quickly develop an app at minimal cost.
  2. Increased battery lifeThe primary function of a mobile device is to store data. The phone automatically saves the battery when the cloud performs the primary role. Cloud computing extends your battery life by processing and storing data.
  3. Synchronize data with cloud computing, storing and accessing data becomes more accessible. Users can easily manage data between their desktops and smartphones with faster synchronization. It also solves the problem of limited Storage Space. The cloud acts as a backup without taking up space on your smartphones.
  4. A processor provides a better processing speed at which a mobile device works and performs tasks. In the case of mobile cloud computing, all the processing is done in the cloud itself. This means that the mobile device has no additional load, which automatically improves its speed and performance.


Mobile cloud computing is an advanced technology that has added several features to mobile applications. Smartphones have increased tremendously, so developing new and unique applications has become essential. Cloud computing also solves the problem of storage space. Developers can create applications without worrying about the type of operating system and storage capacity. There are some critical reasons why this booming technology is the solution for better mobile application development. It has changed the way data is stored and managed.

With technology evolving every day, MCC is the future of mobile app development. It has the potential to change the dynamics of mobile app development. MCC can adjust to the ever-evolving nature of technologies, making it the most sought-after choice in the coming days.

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