10 Benefits Of Using AWS Over Other Cloud Service Providers

Have you ever wondered what makes a cloud vendor different from another? A basic approach to selecting a cloud provider involves comparing various providers based on their benefits. These measures pertain to quality, speed, quantity, and flexibility of service delivery, along with the availability and accessibility of products and services. Let us discuss the role […]

Cloud Migration Strategy – What Are Your Options?

To get various benefits of cloud migration, you need to move all your applications to the Cloud. And to ensure a smooth transition of your applications from your in-house physical servers to the cloud infrastructure, you need to have a well-planned cloud migration strategy in place. When the CIOs decide to cloud migration, the cloud architects or […]

What Are the Best Ways to Overcome Azure Cloud Migration Challenges in 2023?

Azure cloud migration is moving an organization’s existing workloads, applications, and data from an on-premise or from a public cloud to Microsoft Azure cloud for improved scalability, enhanced flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. One of the tools offered by Microsoft’s migration services is called ‘Azure Migrate,’ it has been designed to help organizations move their private and public […]

Why Cloud Cost Optimization Should Be a Business Priority

Cloud is undoubtedly a game-changer for organizations worldwide. It helps increase business agility, boost flexibility & improve performance. With growth comes challenges. As more enterprises move workloads to the CloudCloud, one of these enterprises’ significant issues is the sting of cost. The latest Forrester Research shows that Public Cloud infrastructure is expected to grow by 35% […]

Top 7 Upcoming Cloud Computing Trends in 2023

The drift and shift in the socio-economic landscape caused by a worldwide pandemic and stay-at-home directives, digital advancements, and cloud innovations emerged as the catalyst for the global economy. The transition from conventional IT infrastructure to cloud-centric applications has been remarkably swift. It became the sole viable avenue to propel businesses ahead, facilitate remote work […]

How to Setup AWS App Runner Service with DynamoDB

AWS App Runner is a service that provides customers with a fast, secure, and simple way to deploy their applications on AWS without managing the infrastructure. Customers only need to provide the container images or code, and the App runner will build, deploy, and update the app on changes made to the code, load balance, […]

Mobile Cloud Computing – The Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile cloud computing (MCC) combines Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing to bring rich computational resources to mobile users. People can access their stored data in the cloud with an Internet connection. The speed of your Net speed connection matters a lot, and MCC has proved beneficial to both mobile users and cloud-based service providers. The term […]

AWS Mobile App Development: AWS Services to Consider for Your Next Project

The benefits of cloud are no longer limited to a shared infrastructure to host applications. Over the years, it is also seeing an increased usage for cloud-based app development. Simply because of the scalability and increased robustness, it has to offer. Today, AWS mobile app is being adopted by companies of all sizes to create […]

How to Pitch as Cloud Computing Career Prospect to Employer?

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing encapsulates a wide variety of functionalities. However, the standard definition of cloud computing says; it caters to the demand for IT resources over the internet. Here, IT resources refer to access to data storage (cloud storage), applications, network and other web utilities. Enhancement in Cloud computing technology has accelerated cloud adoption; […]

How to Integrate AWS Workspace With Simple AD?

What is AWS Workspace Workspace is a VDI Solution offered by AWS wherein users can provision virtual desktops on the AWS cloud. It is a managed and secure desktop-as-a-service solution from AWS, and users can provide either Windows or Linux machines in minutes. Users can quickly scale up or scale down as per the requirement. […]