How To Educate Customer on AI & ML

How to educate customer on AI & ML
January 3, 2022

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As the name suggests, artificial intelligence is a built-in range of computers and systems trying to match intelligence equivalent to a human’s.

AI is made by human intelligence, incorporating most of the human senses, from reasoning to decision-making and sensory perceptions, which gives it more credit and features. Without any or with less human interference, systems that can operate and function are what AI is all about.

AI involves deep learning, facial recognition, automated simple and repetitive tasks, data ingestion, chatbots, quantum computing, and cloud computing.

What is Machine Learning?

A part of the giant circle in AI is Machine Learning. Machines function so that they learn from their own mistakes and improve from their experience without being minimally programmed. The focus is on letting the computer learn for itself with access to data that helps gather assorted information.

Understand the concept of AI & ML

Netflix started its business as a CD renter, renting CDs to those who ordered and loved watching them. Renting has an expiration date, so customers are always worried about returning them. With the incoming of AI, these problems have a solution; all of it is stored in Cloud now, with AI taking over the role of bringing forward one’s liking for a specific movie genre based on their characteristics.

Artificial Intelligence can sort out movies according to a given behaviour pattern that might match different personal characteristics. AI would recommend the same movie/series based on the identified behaviour pattern. Here, the intelligence incorporated into artificial intelligence is witnessed with the intelligent solutions it provides without any human intervention.

Benefits of AI & ML on Cloud

Statista says, by 2025, the global market for AI is forecasted to grow on a vast scale, reaching up to 126 billion U.S. dollars. The market increase comes from the benefits of AI & ML on the Cloud; without the benefits, there would not have been demand.

A look at some benefits would provide more clarity.

  1. An agile development –With AI/ML, systems development is faster and wiser. Minimizing errors and ensuring improved efficiency of processes are essential factors in providing faster and better output.
  2. Integration of team – Bringing the team together, assisting and enabling information exchange, is an essential factor influenced by AI.
  3. Automation – AI works by analyzing previous tasks and keeping a note of the errors, thus making the process smooth and full-proof. AI more efficiently does data analysis, as it scans through all of the data present and running.
  4. Data mining & profiling – Due to the massive amount of data arriving each day and AI sorting it out for the business, the responsiveness of the cloud environment becomes faster.
  5. Cost-effective – AI and ML have helped organizations to reduce their costs and improve their agility by utilizing only what is necessary and paying just for that.

Ways a customer can benefit 

AI is continuously bettering, learning and improving with the data it analyzes and understands customer behaviour. The customer needs are better understood with AI with all the gathered data. Keeping a better and more trustworthy relationship with customers is paramount for businesses. AI helps you with just that.

AI chatbots have been very helpful for businesses and customers especially. Chatbots powered by AI are the leading service for AI being deployed. This service is estimated to continue being the most utilized service, as it has been helpful for customer interactions. They provide personalized solutions and assistance to customers by lessening the human workload and limiting the chatbot to a select number of topics.

AI helps eliminate the pain in a customer journey by introducing hyper-personalization. The traditional method used to be a task to go through all data and sort out the required information; that has been made simpler with AI.

How can Rapyder help implement AI/ML for an organization?

With Rapyder’s innovative engineering team, we provide seamless solutions for all industry verticals. With extensive expertise in data analytics and AI and ML-based recommendations, we provide organizations with a framework for success.

Before getting into the process, a team of experts from Rapyder assesses the infrastructure, analyzes the pain points, and runs internal research to check if the system can run AI and reduce downtime.

In addition, Rapyder also provides the right tools for enabling an optimized environment suitable for deploying propriety AI & ML algorithms.


Though artificial intelligence and machine learning are still viewed as things of the future, many companies are already reaping the rewards of their use, as it can make it easier for them to understand their customer’s needs. However, gathering personal information about customers should be done in a balanced way that respects customer privacy.

If given the power and exact programming, Computers would make the best of all worlds with less or zero human intervention. Humans make and program machines to solve problems and make decisions with minimal programming.

Want to know more about AI & ML and how they can help your business?

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