Benefits of Using Amazon Aurora You Must Know in 2022 

Benefits of using Amazon Aurora
October 21, 2022

Amazon web services hand over various Cloud resources, services, and deliveries to businesses capable of resolving various issues faced in the industry. With the quality and quantity of services, AWS tops the cloud market as a cloud service provider.

In this article, we will learn about one of these services, Amazon Aurora.

What is Amazon Aurora? 

Amazon Aurora Service is a relational database engine provided by AWS which is fully managed and compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Aurora serverless is compatible with code, tools, and applications utilized with existing MySQL and PostgreSQL database services that integrate the speed and reliability of high-end commercial databases with the clarity and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases.

 AWS Aurora claims to deliver up to five times the throughput of MySQL and up to three times the throughput of PostgreSQL without any additional changes to the majority of existing applications.

Features of Amazon Aurora which add great benefits

The Amazon Database Service possesses the following features that can enhance efficiency in managing data and promote business continuity;

  1. High Performance and Scalability: Amazon Aurora offers a serverless and auto-scaling configuration that enables the database to start or shut down automatically and increases the size of the database volume as the storage needs grow. The volume increments from 10 GB up to a maximum of 128 TB. It also provides the service of creating up to 15 databases of Amazon Aurora Replicas that can increase read-throughput. Moreover, Amazon Aurora Parallel Query avails faster analytical queries than the current data.
  2. High availability and durability: Aurora handles fault tolerance and self-healing storage with automatic, continuous, incremental backups and point-in-time restores. Also, backtrack for Aurora MySQL lets you quickly move a database to a prior point in time without needing to restore data from a backup.
  3. Highly Secure: Amazon Aurora operates in Amazon VPC, enabling you to isolate your database in your virtual network. It also follows a resource-level permission approach; Aurora is integrated with AWS IAM and provides you the ability to regulate the actions that your AWS IAM users and groups can take on specific Aurora resources. Moreover, it aids with high-level database encryption with the help of AWS KMS, and you can also monitor activity by sending audit logs to Amazon CloudWatch.
  4. Fully Managed: Aurora is a fully managed database service because it’s straightforward to use and can be paired with Amazon CloudWatch metrics for your DB Instances at no additional charge. You also get the feature of automatic software patching with notification via email or SMS of important database events such as an automated failover.
  5. Migration Support: Aurora offers high migration support that includes Standard MySQL import and export and Standard PostgreSQL import and export; plus, it provides an ideal environment for moving database workloads off commercial databases.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: As an Amazon product, Aurora runs on a pay-as-you-go model; you only pay for the storage you consume. Also, one can spend an hourly charge for each instance we launch. Unlike traditional database engines, Amazon Aurora never loads modified database pages to the storage layer, which results in further I/O consumption savings.
  7. Developer Productivity: From the developer’s point of view, Aurora offers machine learning capabilities directly from the database, providing control to add ML-based predictions to your applications through the familiar SQL programming language. Amazon Aurora is affiliated with Amazon RDS proxy, a fully managed, highly available database proxy that builds applications more scalable, more enduring to database failures, and more secure. 

Is Amazon Aurora better than other database services, and why? 

Yes, Amazon Aurora can be considered a better database service than other databases present in the market mainly because of the impressive features, sustainability, and reliability that the service promises. It is proven to deliver better performance than MySQL and PostgreSQL so far.

Amazon Aurora support as the primary backend database for lucrative AWS implementations, delivering high performance, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and failover/DR capabilities. Amazon Aurora is designed to maintain a high level of automated provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, and repair, lowering maintenance while securing resources to speed development and progress the time-to-market. Amazon Aurora offers mission-critical reliability, security, and availability as a part of best practices for extreme scalability, availability, and fault tolerance.

Comparing the existing database services with Aurora physically or with trials can give better visibility into its durability and compliance.

How does Rapyder help you with Amazon Aurora Service? 

If you are mulling over how to move your applications or DB into Amazon Aurora, the migration methodology of Rapyder is your best option.

With advanced technical skills and experienced professionals, Rapyder Cloud Solutions programs the entire shift effortlessly and efficiently to fulfill your goal. Following the transformation pattern laid out by Amazon, the whole process used to be transparent and well-managed. We ensure the benefits of AWS database services for continuous improvement of your database performance.

Along with Amazon Aurora, Rapyder’s area of expertise involves the following;

  • Managed Amazon Cloud Services
  • Cloud Migration
  • DevOps
  • Well-Architected Framework
  • Serverless Computing
  • End-User Computing
  • Database, App Modernization
  • Cloud Security 

Rapyder focuses on improving your business infrastructure with better security, high performance, 24×7 availability, technical support, and assistance.


Starting from features, benefits, and a detailed explanation of Amazon Aurora, this blog has covered all the essential parameters of this database service. Aurora is one of the most used and featured database services, which can undoubtedly enhance performance and productivity. This article would have enriched your knowledge regarding this service; share and forward this among your social circle and help others to know more about this.

Enjoy reading!

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