5 Reasons To Have A Cloud Partner For Your Business

During the pandemic, cloud platforms have seen a great user increase as more and more companies are trying to move towards digital platforms with the world. To allow business continuity and achieve scalability and flexibility, this shift of businesses towards the hybrid culture has made a lot of IT companies move towards cloud platforms.

As per the latest survey by IDC, more than 60% of Indian companies aim to use cloud platforms for digital innovation in the post-pandemic condition.

Partnership with cloud vendors can provide you with various benefits such as cost-effectiveness, better customer experience, etc. But before we talk about the various benefits of having a cloud partner, let’s delve a bit deep into various kinds of partnerships offered by a cloud partner:

1. Reseller: It is a partner that shares its console to provide you with various cloud services. They usually provide details and support related to billing etc.
2. Consultant:  It is a certified partner that provides consultancy related to the best utilization of cloud platforms and various resources.
3. Managed Service Provider: It is a partner that usually deals with the maintenance and environment of your cloud

Here are 5 reasons why your business must have a cloud partner:

 1. Cost-effective and on-demand scalability:  One of the best benefits of having a cloud computing partner is that it is cost-effective. It allows you to pay only for the services that you use. It follows a subscription-based facility that helps you pay for the services you want to use and for whatever duration your business requires.
It helps you scale your business on your demand while saving the cost of various factors such as server maintenance, IT, and other maintenance costs. This is usually impossible when you opt for an on-premises data center to scale your business. Therefore, a cloud computing partner is one of the best options for businesses looking for more flexibility and scalability.

2. Provides better customer experience: Cloud computing can highly improvise the customer experience for your business as it combines consumer experience and data experience to provide more personalized and faster customer responses. It helps businesses to monitor and communicate with their customers easily. Tools such as AI, machine learning, etc., help provide advanced customer engagement options that are instant and 24/7. It also provides businesses with various options, such as automatic chatbox and omnichannel engagement hubs, to improve customer engagement and experience. Choosing a cloud partner would ease the burden on businesses and help them focus on managing gaps, thus ensuring a superior customer experience.

3. Managed services make your work more productive and easy: A Managed service provider helps you keep your cloud application running round-the-cloud by providing various services. This will help you focus mainly on your core business while your service provider takes care of the maintenance of your cloud.
A managed service provider can provide you with various benefits, such as SLA, SLO, etc., that might be required for your business. Hence, your business can be more productive and manageable.

4. Digital Transformation: Most businesses engage in digital transformation. It is one of the surest ways businesses can maintain their competitive edge in the market. Digital transformation is much more than just going paperless. It includes a complete digital migration of business and operations. Everything is migrated to the cloud. Most businesses are still hesitant about choosing the digital way. One of the main reasons could be the cost and the complexity associated with it. Businesses usually do not prefer downtime and would want to avoid the risks of improper data migration that can result in businesses suffering losses.

The right cloud partner can easily resolve this issue for your business and ensure proper cloud enablement. This way, your business can experience a smooth, seamless transition into the cloud and not suffer losses. Sooner or later, all businesses will opt for digital transformations due to expensive on-premise solutions.

5. Manage Distributed Workforce: The paradigm shift due to Covid-19 saw a major workforce going the remote way. This erased the geographical and technological barriers that formerly affected seamless collaborations. Cloud-enabled employees and teams worldwide based in various locations and time zones to scale up and work efficiently. A cloud-enabled platform saved millions of businesses to achieve continuity without shutting shop. Whether uninterrupted customer service or support, remote-based cloud operations made it happen.

A cloud partner can benefit your business and help you improve your game. Improve your customer experience and achieve business continuity by looking for the right cloud partner and taking your business to the next level.Post navigation


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