5 Reasons To Choose AWS Cloud Services Over Competitors (Azure, GCP)

Evolution of Cloud

With a motive of connecting people and data at any time, from any corner of the world, Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider came up with the concept of Cloud in the 1960s. Cloud, since then, has witnessed impeccable growth, shifting from on-premise hardware and software licenses to cloud.

Digital transformation has brought ease to business by storing massive information and making it easily accessible with just a few clicks. It has accelerated quickly, making communication simpler.

The usage of cloud computing is still an unknown fact even today for many people. For example, you might have sent an email to your friend through Gmail or booked your movie ticket online, or you might have done online shopping, meaning you have already used Cloud services without even knowing about it.

AWS Cloud Service Provider – a first

Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud platform, was introduced as a side business to amazon.com, aiming to improve its infrastructure. Since the beginning of 2000, the core systems have been developed over three years, giving birth to a large-scale business, AWS. The requirement was to solve scalability issues and develop an internal system solution due to the hyper-growth it experienced.

2006 is marked as the year when AWS started with its offerings of IT infrastructure services in the form of web services, now known as cloud computing, for businesses.

AWS is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive, widely adopted cloud platform, offering 200+ featured services from data centers globally. In today’s world, AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, agile, low-cost infrastructure platform in the Cloud for the countless businesses running in over 190 countries.

What differentiates AWS from its competitors?

AWS alone generated a net sale of 35 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 to 45 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Amazon has taken over more than a third of the cloud market.

AWS, the first modern cloud service provider, is way ahead in functionality and maturity with its advanced services and tools. It offers the most significant number of featured services and has vast experience in hosting companies on its cloud.

Many companies rely on Amazon Web Services since it offers the best security, and customers are free to scale and innovate as they wish with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP:

Features Amazon Web Service Azure Google Cloud Platform
Establishment The oldest and largest cloud platform to exist in the market was launched publicly in 2006 The second-largest cloud platform that was introduced in the year 2010 in the market The cloud that has been made available as a public cloud since the beginning of 2011
Community A bigger community support and user base of companies like Airbnb, Netflix, BMW, Samsung, etc. Growing in its field of high-profile customers, with companies like Apple, Polycom, HP onboard with them Quite a lot of high-end companies put their faith in Google’s platform, including HSBC, PayPal, Dominos
Location 26 launched regions, each with multiple availability zones, and 84 availability zones Over 60 azure regions all over the world 29 regions present all over with 88 availability zones
Services AWS offers 200+ fully-featured services Azure offers up to 100+ services GCP, with 60+ services, is still catching up with its competitors
Pricing AWS recently introduced a pay-per-minute billing model Azure already had the pay-per-minute billing model GCP has a model of pay-per-second which lets users save more than the per minute model
Compute Services ·        Amazon EC2, ·        Amazon EC2 Auto-Scaling,·        AWS Beanstalk,·        AWS Batch,·        AWS Lamda,·        AWS Fargate,·        AWS Outposts,·        Elastic Load Balancing ·        Platform-as-a-service, ·        Function-as-a-service,·        Service Fabric,·        Azure Batch,·        Cloud Services,·        Azure Container Service,·        Virtual Machine Compute Engine,·        Virtual Machine Scale Sets ·        App Engine, ·        Docker Container Registry,·        Instant Groups,·        Compute Engine,·        Graphics Processing Unit,·        Kubernetes
Storage Services ·        S3 – Simple Storage Service, ·        EBS – Elastic Block Storage,·        EFS – Elastic File System,·        Storage Gateway,·        Snowball,·        Snowball Edge ·        Blob Storage, ·        Queue Storage,·        File Storage,·        Disk Storage ·        Cloud Storage, ·        Persistent Disk,·        Transfer Appliance,·        Transfer Service
Backup Services Glacier Archive Storage, Backup,Site Recovery Cloud SQL Backup
Strengths Extensive, mature, and wide range of offerings and services, with support for large organizations An ideal cloud provider for startups with a broad feature set and an integration with Microsoft tools and software Most cost-efficient and designed for cloud-native businesses
Security AWS Security Hub Azure Security Center Cloud Security Command Center

5 Reasons to Choose AWS

Fact-check: AWS controlled 32% of the cloud market share in the third quarter of 2021.

  1. Free-tier Service Availability – When there is a service that customers can use for free for a particular time to get used to and understand the service better, it is beneficial for the customers.
    The AWS Free-tier has been designed for businesses to have a hands-on experience of the services with no charge levied. Companies can explore the services and test if their business is suitable with AWS as the platform for a year with certain usage limits.
  2. On-demand Pricing Model – With the pay-as-you-go pricing model, AWS also offers a discount on various services. Only pay for the individual services needed as long as the requirement stays without complex licenses or long-term contracts.
  3. Most Secure – AWS is built to be the most reliable, flexible, and secure cloud platform among all the others. The core infrastructure is designed to protect the most sensitive information. Services to protect data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access are offered, with continuous monitoring of the cloud environment’s network activity and account behavior.
  4. Fast Pace Innovation – To make customer adoption to the Cloud easier regarding pricing, AWS has developed a new set of EC2 instances. Using the latest technologies, businesses can experiment and innovate at a much faster pace. AWS is constantly working on new technologies that can transform a business.
  5. Widest Partner Network – The largest and most dynamic community of customers and partners is owned by AWS. Customers from industries of every size, including startups, enterprises, and public-sector organizations, are on AWS, using its services.

How is Rapyder associated with AWS?

Rapyder is the AWS Consulting Partner of the Year 2021 and has partnered with AWS since its existence, starting as a Select Partner. Rapyder works exclusively with AWS, with expertise in the architecture, deployment, management, and optimization of AWS workloads. The select engineers and solutions architects specialize in Managed Services, DevOps, Migrations, and Well-Architected Framework. A cloud partner with AWS that provides end-to-end solutions across all industry verticals, with 24/7 support.


AWS has a lot to offer for businesses across industry verticals, with reasonable pricing options that come with it. We hope the information provided in this blog helps our readers choose the best cloud partner for their business. If you are willing to adopt cloud technology and leverage its benefits, kindly reach our website for a closer look at our service and offerings.


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