10 Benefits Of Using AWS Over Other Cloud Service Providers

Have you ever wondered what makes a cloud vendor different from another? A basic approach to selecting a cloud provider involves comparing various providers based on their benefits. These measures pertain to quality, speed, quantity, and flexibility of service delivery, along with the availability and accessibility of products and services.

Let us discuss the role of Cloud Service Providers and how AWS differs from many other Cloud Services.

What does a Cloud Service Provider do?

Cloud Service Providers deliver cloud-based components such as services, products, offerings, and facilities. These companies also help establish public clouds, manage private clouds, provide you with knowledge about hybrid cloud, and many more.

Cloud providers help resolve any query regarding cloud platforms, be it data storage, serverless computing, or virtualization infrastructure. In addition, it also avails platforms, operating systems, and ready-to-use applications; all these contribute to easing the workload.

Let’s look at some prominent cloud service providers present in the market.

Cloud Service Providers present in the market

There are many leading and rising CSPs present in the market. Let’s have a look at the top 5.

  1. AWS: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is counted among the leading cloud service providers with high-level cloud services and products. AWS helps many big and small companies to move to the cloud platform. This service provider is responsible for providing a wide variety of IaaS and PaaS services.
  2. Microsoft: Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of cloud services suitable for different industries, reduces effort, and simplifies operating the business infrastructure. It is one of the fastest-growing cloud service providers of all.
  3. Google Cloud Platform: Next in line is Google, successfully delivering good enough cloud products and services to cater to all business requirements and needs. Google is also a preferred cloud platform because of its availability zones
  4. IBM Cloud: The IBM Cloud is an array of cloud computing services for business architectures. Like other cloud service providers, the IBM cloud includes IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services through public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms. 
  5. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helps organizations facilitate their transition to the cloud by offering a premium assemblage of cloud resources, best practices, tutorials, and acceleration tools. 

The market is dominated by 3 major cloud providers sharing almost 60% of the pie. AWS is the leader with 33.8% of the market share. Azure closely follows 19% and Google Cloud with a 7% market share.

Benefits of Using AWS over Other CSP

10 benefits provided by AWS are:

  1. Ease of Use: AWS allows its customers and vendors to host their applications without effort and difficulty. It brings absolute comfort in understanding and deployment of services and facilities. Depriving of some unnecessary procedures of establishing a service or cloud facility at your end, AWS also involves procurement of good documentation, which provides better understanding to anybody starting from scratch.
  2. Cost-Effective: Why is AWS cost-effective? The answer is, AWS keeps introducing new offers and discounts to help many small and slow-moving businesses. Its Pay-As-You-Go modal enables users to pay for services only that are used with no further commitments. This approach and pricing modal make the cloud journey more convenient and within budget. 
  3. Security: Amazon Web Services has never lagged in providing a safe and secure business infrastructure. Security services are designed to handle high-level data threats and Data losses. AWS utilities offer end-to-end encryption for secure and hardened infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures. AWS follows various compliant practices to avoid risk, fraud, and data breaching cases, keeping your entire infrastructure protected.
  4. Innovation: AWS has been innovative with its diversified services and products. Amazon is not only the explorer of new devices and business models but also the explorer of new approaches to innovation. AWS was evolving and behind the opportunities to serve the customer better and efficiently.
  5. Scalable and High-Performance: AWS tools such as Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing helps your application to scale up or down based on the requirement. Services and products provided by AWS also ensure a high performance rate and efficiency.
  6. Wider Partner Network: Amazon web services have established an influential connection through their service delivery and 24×7 availability, leading to the broader partner network over the years. AWS makes sure that its partners are competent enough and are served with equal opportunities and chances to make remarkable growth and development. Also, proper training and several partner benefits have been part of a good partner relationship. 
  7. Marketplace Offering: Marketplace is something that keeps on evolving; customers can choose from a multitude of services ranging from security, databases, data warehouse solution, or even operating system. AWS has allowed the customer to avail of any cloud facility directly from the market. Marketplace offerings also allow them to switch to different cloud providers or services if they wish to.
  8. Managed Services: Managed services are nothing but services that claim to reduce human effort by automating many of the operations on their own. There are numerous managed services that AWS has launched so far, helping enterprises to minimize their business workloads and processes. 
  9. Global Availability: AWS has a large area coverage, edge location, availability region, and data centers across the world, which makes it easy for customers to host their applications across any continent, and this adds a considerable advantage. The global presence of AWS has enabled customers to be worry-free and set up their foundation wherever they want.
  10. Diverse Array of Services: There are different kinds of services that AWS supports, such as IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps services; most of these services are serverless, which helps in reducing your efforts to manage them, and this blockchain keeps on moving ahead, adding up to the list of various cloud products and services to fulfill all customer demands.

Rapyder and AWS

Rapyder cloud solutions is a global cloud consulting partner of AWS. Committed to providing cloud consulting, implementation, and managed services to customers.

Being an advanced AWS consulting partner, Rapyder has acquired expertise in;

  1. Managed Amazon Cloud Services
  2. Cloud Migration
  3. DevOps
  4. Well-Architected Framework
  5. Serverless Computing
  6. End-User Computing
  7. Database Services
  8. Cloud Security

With an innovative approach, an experienced team, and best-in-class services, Rapyder provides 24×7 monitoring, guidance, and support.


This blog is a brief description of the benefits that AWS can avail you of over other cloud service providers. It becomes complicated to make up the mind when the market is brimming with many new and already existing cloud service providers.

Hence this blog has discussed the top 5 cloud service providers that dominate the current cloud market. We hope our reader finds valuable information about what makes AWS everyone’s first choice.

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