Cloud for Retail Industry

Cloud for retail industry

Optimized cloud retail solutions and services from Rapyder evolved from customer obsession that empowers the future of retail industry.

With soaring demand for online and offline retail cloud migration solutions, thanks to the advanced technologies available in the market, businesses are opening themselves to adopting technical infrastructure to automate their day-to-day function. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on the benefits retail industries realized using cloud and its auxiliary services.

Benefits of cloud in the Retail Industry include reduced IT and other resource costs, simplified and stringent quality workflows, improved customer experience, and numerous others.

Benefits of Retail cloud solutions 

  • Optimized Inventory management 
  • Omni-channel process fulfillment 
  • Enhanced tech infrastructure security 
  • Better cost management  
  • Collaborative tech Ecosystem 
  • Business Continuity  
  • Faster Go-to-Market 
  • Better service performance and availability 
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Well defined Disaster recovery plans 

Supplemental Retail cloud services  

  • Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging 
  • Big Data, Data Analytics with Business Intelligence 
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses  
  • App and database Modernization 
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) 
  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Blockchain and more as the need arises 
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The search for reliable Cloud and MS Partner 

Retail cloud migration is all about better convenience, accuracy, performance, customer experience, and business analytics from a high-level view. 

Rapyder has implemented hybrid/ multi-cloud and retail automation solutions for our esteemed customers, which helped them realize the actual benefits of cloud technology spanning B2C and D2C segments. Apart from the 24*7 timely support, this cloud partner can help you avail the best of free cloud credits disbursed from cloud OEM providers, help you optimize the GTM strategy, supports internal development pipelines and enable supplementary solutions on Bigdata, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, RPA, media services, Disaster recovery and many more. Our actions give you an edge over competitors due to incorporating modern technologies.

The Start, Sustenance, and Stop 

Planning for Migration: Retail public cloud migration includes a large volume of data pertaining to customers, businesses, and offerings. A proven framework with direct support from OEM and enablement from an OEM partner is the most reliable and proven way to establish a well-suited environment. Our team, who has experience with multiple retailers and wholesale establishments’ needs, can easily help you integrate cloud into your end-to-end digital transformation journey. 

In the presence of an existing system, opt for a free KYA session that our team can accommodate. It will help understand the existing landscape, uncover where cloud optimization can happen, and plan a smooth and stable cloud migration process.

Maintenance of existing structure:  

We cherish a well-experienced and proven workforce who will ensure timely support 24*7 on any cloud adoption in retail industry-related needs and incidents. With such a well-trained and certified resource pool, Rapyder will ensure that your retail and wholesale ecosystem runs smoothly. We take pride in removing your pain points related to retail cloud computing so businesses can focus on their business goals.

Exiting cloud:  

Our team will help you move out of cloud if you are unable to realize the amazing benefits cloud promises to business. Mostly through POC sessions, enterprises realize the benefits. However, we understand that, at times, businesses choose to opt out of cloud, and we will help you achieve your goal.

Cloud for Retail: Our 6 Steps of Successful Cloud Adoption  

  1. Discovery & Strategy:  After quickly evaluating your customer needs, we will devise a step-by-step cloud migration. 
  1. Proof of Concept: Let’s show you what our SOP looks like and how working with us will look. A sample migration will be carried out to help you understand the benefits of cloud. 
  1. Data Migration– We transfer your data to cloud with minimal service disruptions. 
  1. Application Migration– Applications along with Databases are migrated into Cloud 
  1. Cloud Transition– Implementations, Testing, Verifications, and Final stages in cloud adoption. 
  1. Run & Optimize: After enabling the cloud structure, our team will perform real-time cloud infrastructure monitoring and provide suggestions on 360-degree cloud optimization

Most common services adopted by Retail Sector 

Retail sectors opt for supplementary services to enhance infrastructure functionality and stay ahead of their competitors’ game by introducing new features, gaining more insights from data, and more.

  • Licensing optimization and WAR 
  • Application modernization 
  • Database modernization 
  • Cloud DevOps 
  • Data Analytics 
  • AI/ML Services 
  • ML Modernization 
  • Cloud Messaging  
  • Modern Workplaces 
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup 

Why choose Rapyder for Full-Stack Cloud Adoption in Retail? 

You will need a partner that brings you the best cloud offers. As cloud retail business grows, the need for more visibility, streamlined operations, and data-driven decisions becomes crucial and a lifeline for staying ahead in the game.

At Rapyder ( ISO Certified ), we help our retail clients enable well-suited cloud strategies to achieve their business goals. Starting from cloud readiness assessment or infrastructure setup, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance, we are there with you on every step of your tech journey.

We have a pool of 100+ experts with extensive experience with the retail domain directly partnered with Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and other OEMs.