Cloud Computing Services for Gaming Industry

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Building Games with Cloud Technology
(Cloud GameTech Development) 

  • The global gaming market was worth USD 175.8 billion in 2021, with an estimated 3.2 billion gamers worldwide. 
  • Mobile games account for 50% of the global gaming market revenue. 
  • With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5%, APAC is considered the fastest-growing region for the gaming industry from 2021 to 2026. 
  • According to some independent researchers, the global gaming market is expected to increase by USD 90.8 billion annually by 2025. 
  • India’s gaming market is currently at USD 2.6 billion and is expected to reach USD 8.6 billion by the end of 2027. 

Cloud computing in the gaming industry is evolving and receiving more adoption due to its numerous advantages to the developer and gaming business community. Custom tailored Interactive and dynamic player experiences are becoming a pivotal conforming factor for team empowerment and customer acquisition. The sharp rise in gamers and various games in the industry is evident by the stats we find in the real world.  

What are cloud game services and development? 

Cloud gaming services and development uses OEM cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and many more to build, release, maintain, and optimize sophisticated entertainment and learning offerings with the help of customized integrated solutions.

Advantages for Gametech through Cloud Adoption 

  • Reduced Cost: Cloud computing gaming services come with a pay-as-you-go model that helps Gametech servers to be billed based on usage. For example, if the storage or bandwidth has higher utilization during specific intervals, you only pay for the additional resources utilized during the mentioned period. This move drastically helps gaming businesses to reduce infrastructure costs related to investment in hardware infrastructure and idle resources. 
  • Faster Go-To-Market: Cloud comes with a myriad of readymade solutions dedicated to the software development life cycle, including DevOps, Media related services, IoT, RPA, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which can be utilized more efficiently and faster in development with the sustenance of the entertainment offering. 
  • Security: The information stored in the virtual environment is highly secure and compliant with various omnipresent data security regulation laws. The cloud is less prone and susceptible to hacking than traditional hardware systems.  Additionally, the availability of supplemental specialized security services makes your gaming environment extra-secure, which helps you maintain the reputation and trust amongst the customers. 
  • Piracy blocking: Since the physical file of games is not made available to the public, cloud-stored games seldom fall prey to piracy, which takes a massive toll on revenue generation. Additionally, it helps to avoid manipulations using cheat codes and maintain the authenticity of the offering. 
  • Platform independency and Device compatibility: With the advent of the cloud, most devices can access games anywhere. Even systems with minimal hardware configurations can access and perform gaming operations. 
  • Easy access to multiple games: It helps users use the gaming service platforms without downloading large files and with minimal service interruptions. 
  • Availability: Since most cloud OEMs have invested in CDNs and other availability zones around the globe, the availability of gaming services can be more guaranteed than other hosting solutions. Additional benefits will include less latency while fetching data, reduced network complications, and compliance with a specific country’s data protection and IT acts. 
  • Agility and Scalability: The cloud environment provides entertainment businesses with virtually infinitely expandable storage and bandwidth that the service will ever need. They can be auto-scaled based on real-time requirements to increase agility and scalability. 
  • Faster backend support: Support from cloud OEMs is top-notch, and game developers can easily troubleshoot the issues with the cloud and help their customers since all infrastructure is available at their fingertips.  
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Supplemental services for GameTech and Gaming Companies 

  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses  
  • IoT 
  • Database Modernization 
  • Blockchain and more as the need arises

The search for reliable Cloud and MS Partner

The Cloud Gaming industry is mostly keen on performance, availability, Cost optimization, and security which needs a high-performing, well-designed, and resilient infrastructure.

Rapyder has implemented such cloud computing gaming systems for many service providers to help them achieve their operational needs and efficiency. Considering a cloud-first service provider is always beneficial since the business can avail of some exclusive cloud credits, 24*7 support from our top-rated service teams, an advisory from OEM partners, better GTM, and optimized pricing by avoiding middlemen and by availing direct partner-specific offers from OEMs and Independent software vendors.

The Start, Sustenance, and Stop 

  • Planning for Migration: Whether you want to build a gaming business as a greenfield setup or migrate your existing on-premise or cloud setup, Rapyder can provide end-to-end support for planning the new framework. Opting for our free KYA service is advisable to understand where you can optimize the infrastructure for better visibility over existing systems. 
  • Maintenance of existing structure: Our industry-leading cloud-managed services can ensure your gaming environment functions as perfectly as possible. Our 24*7 teams are dedicated to providing round-the-clock monitoring of the infrastructure to facilitate the optimum level of security, performance, various cloud optimizations services Etc. Rapyder can alleviate the pain of managing infrastructure so that you can focus on business goals. 
  • Exiting cloud: We can help you enable existing cloud systems effortlessly if you cannot realize the benefits, which is an extremely rare scenario. 

Our 6 Steps of Successful Cloud Adoption and Associated Costs & Time 

  1. Discovery & Strategy: Let us assess the infrastructure requirements and devise a step-by-step cloud migration strategy
  2. Proof of Concept: We will enable a sample migration for you to check, understand and verify. 
  3. Data Migration: Migrating required data to the Cloud 
  4. Application Migration: Applications are migrated to the Cloud 
  5. Cloud Transition: Verification, Testing and finalization of cloud adoption. 
  6. Run & Optimize: We monitor real-time cloud structure and provide suggestions on 360-degree cloud optimization

Most common services adopted by GameTech Industry  

Besides the common consultation, migration, and managed services, Game Environments and GameTech opt for specific services. 

  • WAR and Licensing optimization 
  • Database Modernization 
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup 
  • MLOps 
  • Data Analytics 

Why choose Rapyder for Full-Stack Cloud Adoption in GameTech Industry? 

Here at Rapyder ( ISO Certified ), we help clients develop the best cloud strategy for their GameTech business case, create a roadmap, and develop a solution that best fits their business needs. Whether they need cloud readiness assessment or infrastructure setup, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance, we are here to help every step of the way. 

However, you will also need a partner to offer you the best cloud. As the cloud GameTech business grows, the need for more visibility and data-driven decisions becomes crucial and a lifeline for progress.  

We are a pool of 100+ experts with extensive experience with the GameTech domain directly partnered with Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and other OEMs.