Serverless Computing Services

Serverless cloud Computing Services deployment

Develop and deploy applications without servers

Serverless systems provide:

  • 24X7 availability.
  • Automated scaling.
  • A pay-as-you-go model for optimal cost structure.

What is Serverless Computing

Cloud computing has become essential in addressing the current quality, cost, and speed requirements. As businesses increasingly move away from on-premise or co-located solutions, the capacity to design agile cloud-based solutions emerges as a significant factor that sets competitors apart. Serverless computing enables an organization to concentrate on differentiating application code rather than managing middleware, infrastructure and other commodities. The developer focuses only on the code (or a function), and the cloud takes care of all the resources needed to run the code.

The message is clear – focus on the code, not the servers.

Why go Serverless

Serverless cloud computing Scalability


Adjust the scaling accurately based on the workload’s size when requested.

Serverless cloud computing cost optimization

Cost Effective

Adoption of a pay-as-you-go model leads to significant cost savings.

Avoid the hassle of managing

No Servers

Avoid the hassle of managing

Serverless cloud computing resources availability

High Availability

High availability nature ensures that resources are readily accessible.

Serverless integration with other services

Trigger Other Services

Seamlessly integrate with other cloud services through events.

Serverless Detailed monitoring

Detailed Monitoring

Track application activity, including API calls, latency, and errors.

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Why Rapyder?

Cloud Architects at Rapyder are experts in Serverless Solutions, and we have created highly secure and scalable solutions for our customers that do not require investments in technological infrastructure. Consequently, our customers can concentrate on developing their applications without the burden of time or financial assets required to host these solutions.

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