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Focus on core business enabled with Rapyder’s Premium AWS Managed Services

Having a proper cloud infrastructure implementation is not enough for new-age business continuity. Only an efficiently managed system can ensure quality service and Rapyder is a well-known brand in this arena.

You Manage Your Business While We Manage Your Cloud

Rapyder provides 24*7 end-to-end AWS solutions to customers at any stage of the cloud journey—from consultation on initial solution design to building applications to ongoing optimization and support as part of Next Generation Managed Services.

At Rapyder, we have created a managed cloud services offering to help businesses focus on their key core competency while we manage IT Infrastructure. Our Next Generation Premium AWS Cloud Managed Services & Provider solutions bring a pragmatic approach to managing enterprise cloud environments. We provide the tools and expertise required to accelerate your deployments, simplify your operations and empower your team to make more data-driven decisions that optimize costs, improve compliance and reduce risk.

Rapyder's managed cloud services offering

Our Approach for Managed Cloud Services

At Rapyder, we clearly understand clients’ business requirements and the impact of future technologies on their businesses. We aim to provide cost-effective services and solutions that will transform the way clients do business while improving the customer experience.

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Managed Services | Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Reach out to our YouTube channel where you can polish your knowledge with the latest video content on managed and other cloud services provided by Rapyder.

A visit to Rapyder’s YouTube channel can help you take deep insight into how we make managed services perform phenomenally for your business infrastructure and can also aid with more visibility into the entire procedure and other ongoing trends. Managed cloud services work in phases such as collecting data, organizing services, constructing well-architecture, performing maintenance, and optimization. With just one click you can take a knowledgeable note on everything mentioned above.

We deliver Services across a range of Use Case Such as :

  1. Systems Integrations
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Infrastructure Management & Modernization
  4. Managed Security

To ensure success in digital Transformation Journey, Rapyder Deliver in four Stages:

Database migration admin requirements


Map out full range of data sources, schema inter-dependencies and admin requirements, to ensure target architecture meets/exceeds performance expectations

Database cloud migration management


Build and run continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, and business continuity, with dashboards to ensure cloud migration delivers predictably and consistently

Using Amazon native tool to optimize database performance


Use cloud native tools to optimize
database performance, replication, schema structure, and more to help modernize as you migrate to public cloud platform

Database cloud migration optimization


Continuously analyze data growth plus emergent integration needs; keep pace with your market and competitive environment, as application and analytic use cases continue to evolve

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The three primary objectives of Rapyder are to simplify, accelerate, and automate your business. With years of experience and domain expertise, we help your business empower innovation, consult with experts, improve agility, and gain competitive advantage. With real-time monitoring, continuous automation, quick onboarding, backups monitoring, incident support, monthly security audits & reviews, automated ticketing, database monitoring, and cost audits, we help you achieve your business objectives.

Rapyder is an Advanced Cloud Consulting Partner & Certified Migration Success Partner of AWS with deep expertise in providing managed cloud services. With our expertise offerings in Server Migration, Database Migration, DevOps, and more, we help your business seamlessly migrate to the cloud with confidence and speed.

We provide the following services as part of the Managed Services:

1. Cloud Operations – Improve the uptime, Improve the Business.

2. DevOps Operations – Shift Left, Deploy faster, Grow business

3. Financial Operations – Save money on infra, Invest in business

4. Security Operations – Secure your cloud, keep your data only with you.

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