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Rapyder Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd.is an agile and innovative company that makes Cloud work for you. We are an Amazon AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, having Corporate office in Bangalore and branches in Delhi and Mumbai. With a NPS score of 9.7 out of 10, you are in reliable hands for any cloud related services.

Why Cloud and its Services?

Money is not the only thing Businesses risk losing. It could include a plethora of issues such as Security risks, Data breaches and loss, Low availability, Limited agility, flexibility and scalability and countless other nightmare scenarios. These unwanted scenarios cause chaos with the users and business owners alike.

A plethora of brands have lost their hard-earned loyal customers with issues similar to what we have described which could have been avoided if they knew about Cloud and the advantages associated with it.

Introducing Cloud?

Just porting your business infrastructure to cloud wont be sufficient to resolve the common issues. It requires a well-defined structure and our AWS certified and accomplished young workforce can guide you well by providing the right consultation on the most optimal way to introduce cloud to your environment.

Migration services along with Databases can be made possible with minimal or very little downtime with focus on the Security aspect so that you reap the whole benefit out of Cloud, including cost optimization by following the best practices and recommendations available in the Industry. Additionally, we can manage your needs with respect to cloud as per requirements arises by enabling auto scaling groups and with our excellent Business continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solutions, losing data and getting back online wont trouble you anymore.

Rapyder supports Enterprises and SMBs by provisioning automated End user computing and DevOps services for optimized operations. As a full stack Cloud service and solution provider we enable your business to adopt a serverless computing architecture as well.

Advantages of Cloud

Some of the advantages that you can expect out of Cloud are

  • Excellent performance, agility and scalability options with minimal provisioning cost.
  • Outstanding security with well-defined access control, availability and best in industry disaster recovery features which is trusted and preferred by enterprises, SMBs and startups alike around the world.
  • Huge savings are consistently reported by our clients by moving their infrastructure to cloud.
  • Fund supports from AWS

Why Rapyder?

  • The full stack effect– We can help you to reap the full benefit of cloud technology like no one else. Being early adopters of new cloud technologies Rapyder will simplify cloud for you.
  • NPS of 9.7/ 10– User satisfaction is of utmost priority to us and it reflect in our service. Our team currently manage 3200+ VMs out of 3800 provisioned, which is a salient indicator of our client satisfaction.
  • Focus on understanding customer needs first, and help them with the most optimal solution available in the industry with fast turnaround times and 24*7*365 support for your success.
  • Our Disaster Recovery strategy is known for its top notch performance. No more worries about data loss and getting back online with minimal downtime with none or less impact on business.
  • Our experience with multiple business verticals and knowledge of its regulations have helped numerous clients to reach out cloud with comparatively lower amount of time and effort while adhering to licensing requirements of business.
  • Free demonstration or POC ( Proof of concept ) of what cloud can help you achieve, specific to your industry will be available with our 100% AWS certified team. Drop in a mail today at info@rapyder.com or chat with us and let us help in your business progress. Why wait, when a great progress is just one call away.

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Not convinced yet? We can provide you real-life examples of our customers achieving exceptional heights with Rapyders offerings.


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