This Year’s Top Stories About Cloud Computing: 2022

cloud computing stories that made headlines in 2022
December 15, 2022

Today it is all about the cloud and transforming conventional working methods globally. Cloud computing has left the strategic world only to become a never-changing reality. The current transformative trend of hybrid workspace and AI inclusion is only here to stay and become more integral in the future. As per the latest survey, Cloud Computing is India’s most vital skill currently, with a whopping 74% proficiency.

Let’s check a few cloud computing stories that made headlines in 2022: 

Cloud 8.0 released by DataRobot 

Boston-headquartered AI platform DataRobot released AI Cloud 8.0 in April this year. The goal of AI Cloud 8.0 is to enable enterprises to drive growth along with reducing administrative costs. It also aims at improving customer engagement, thus boosting the overall customer experience for organizations. DataRobot AI Cloud 8.0 can be installed in the public cloud and private (on-premise) data centers while meeting the multi-cloud architecture requirement.

NVIDIA introduces Omniverse Cloud 

NVIDIA introduced the Omniverse Cloud to the world in March of this year. CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, introduced Omniverse Cloud as the best-suited platform for current & futuristic AI robotic systems. This platform aims to simplify every designer, creator, roboticist, and AI researcher’s life. It is developed to fit the need for a platform not tied to a single app or place. This metaverse cloud platform is best suited for the next-gen 3D internet revolution.

A much-needed partnership between Oracle & Microsoft 

The news of Oracle Corp and Microsoft Corp’s partnership for interoperability of their cloud services made headlines in July this year. The partnership now allows Microsoft Azure users to access and monitor the Oracle database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This multi-cloud database service allows users to keep their databases together in OCI while running their workloads in Azure. The functionality is also available for new users to create plus migrate new applications on Azure with the guarantee of high database performance by Oracle. 

Google Cloud to pull shutters on its IoT Core service 

Google Cloud announced that it will close its core IoT services in 2023. The news was shared via the Google IoT Core web page and emailers. According to the Google spokesperson, their IoT customers must be better served by network partners specializing in IoT applications & services. Thus the company has decided to close its IoT services and has requested existing customers to move to a partner who can manage their IoT devices.

World’s first cloud for agriculture launched 

Cropin Cloud, the world’s first cloud for agriculture, was launched this year by a Bengaluru-based agritech firm. The platform aims to transform the agri-ecosystem digitally and provides a suite of agriculture digitization applications, access to data sources, and AI-powered agri-intelligence into an integrated platform. This platform provides a perfect amalgamation of tech and data in the agriculture ecosystem to help agribusinesses manage the complexities using AI-enabled technology.

Oracle launches ‘Oracle Alloy’ 

Intending to bring the cloud to the masses, multinational IT firm Oracle launched Oracle Alloy. Oracle Alloy aims to empower organizations as cloud providers and offer services developed on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) to their customers. The services can also be customized to suit the specific needs of varied industries.

NVIDIA breaks into SaaS to support Omniverse on Cloud 

NVIDIA, in early 2022 offered its SaaS platform, which includes a comprehensive suite of cloud services for artists, developers, and enterprise teams to operate, design and publish from anywhere. The second-gen NVIDIA OVX system will be available by early 2023. In light of applications developed, Richard Kerris, VP of Omniverse, mentions the possibilities of offering virtual 3D products that can be used to Augment Reality in various sectors like fashion, furniture, home décor, etc.

Coinbase Partners with Google Cloud 

Coinbase announced an association with Google Cloud early this year, enabling users to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, and Solana. The partnership indicates the search engine mogul’s approval of Web3 technology as Google Cloud becomes the official cloud service provider for Coinbase.

Increased deployment of Edge 

Edge computing has gained massive momentum in the past few years since organizations have realized their role in network switching, routing, security, and load balancing. Edge computing integration complements cloud computing and helps in business growth.

Kubernetes and Blockchain 

Integrating blockchain technology in cloud computing might be the newest trend most businesses adopt since Blockchain has emerged as the game changer and solves various complexities related explicitly to scaling, data storage, and management.

Security Risk Mitigation 

A security breach has been one of the biggest concerns for companies shifting from on-premise to cloud. Integrating cloud computing mitigates any security threats and works towards securing the information.

Companies today are looking for new methods to expand and achieve their objectives. Cloud computing has become vital and cost-effective for businesses to expand and grow. It is crucial to recognize the business requirements and stay updated on the latest improvements in Cloud technology. Rapyder, one of the leading Cloud service providers, can help you choose the best cloud service best suited for your business.

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