Optimization and Licensing Assessment for Enterprise Workload: An Overview

Businesses around the world are enhancing cost to performance to achieve 2x growth by migrating their workload. But this does not come easy; workloads on cloud and on-prem must be managed by optimizing cost and rightsizing resources for optimum growth and business development.

Rapyder, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, offers Optimization and Licensing Assessment that helps organizations reduce third-party licensing costs and execute operations and resources more efficiently.

This blog will help you understand the whole process of how OLA works for you. So, let’s get started!

How does OLA work?

AWS OLA helps you deeply analyze actual resource utilization, the cost associated with third-party licensing, and application dependencies.

Step 1: Define Workloads

The first step is to assess potential workloads to optimize performance and resource allocation strategically, evaluating prospective tasks to enhance operational efficiency and maximize resource usage effectively. This leads to a detailed analysis of potential workloads to develop an optimal strategy for improving performance and resource allocation.

Step 2: Gather Data

Now, utilizing a migration evaluator or a third-party tool, this pivotal stage gathers precise utilization data, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the scenario. This step helps to ensure accurate insights by harnessing real-world data through advanced assessment techniques.

Step 3: Examine

AWS OLA employs data analysis to intricately model cost and optimization scenarios in this step, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of resource allocation. Through meticulous examination, AWS enhances its ability to fine-tune strategies for maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in various operational contexts.

Step 4: Strategize 

Now, at last, you can evaluate the outcomes of your Optimizing and Licensing Assessment meticulously, refining the results to strengthen your business case. This step begins the process of a migration proof of concept, utilizing the insights gained from the assessment to ensure a seamless transition and optimal resource allocation.

Major Benefits of AWS OLA

Some of the critical benefits of Optimization and Licensing Assessment are as follows:

  1. Cost-saving: Since the assessment eliminates waste and organizes resources according to cloud usage, this process saves the entire cost.
  2. Business Efficiency: When the business maintains the balance between resource utilization and cloud cost, this promotes business efficiency and resilience.
  3. Productivity: Ola reflects the need to disseminate the cost spent by removing unused resources, promoting the overall productivity of business infrastructure.
  4. Improves visibility: Conducting the assessment is vital in improving visibility using various optimization tools. This also strengthens businesses to make data-driven decisions.
  5. Promotes innovation: Where there is sufficient clarity with the integral functioning of business, there is more collaboration between the team, resulting in more ideas and innovations.

Flexible licensing options: OLA helps you plan how to use licenses. It works for different types of setups, so you only pay for what you use in the cloud and for licenses, making your cloud and licensing costs efficient.

OLA for Enterprise 

Enterprises are large-scale businesses and organizations that aim to generate profit and growth while managing intricate business processes, adapting to market changes, and pursuing strategic objectives.

Optimization and licensing assessment can significantly benefit enterprises by ensuring efficient resource utilization and cost management in their digital operations. Optimization assessments involve analyzing an organization’s technological landscape to identify unnecessary or underutilized resources, streamlining the allocation of computing power and storage.

This results in improved performance, reduced wastage, and lowered operational expenses. Moreover, the assessment helps tailor cloud usage to match workload fluctuations, preventing overprovisioning during peak periods and minimizing overspending. This dynamic approach enhances agility and responsiveness while maintaining economic viability.

Licensing assessments complement optimization efforts by strategically managing software licenses. Enterprises can avoid unnecessary expenses by understanding their license requirements and choosing the most cost-effective licensing models.  Organizations can align licensing costs with actual usage by accurately modeling various licensing scenarios, including instances with involving licenses or using their licenses. This optimizes expenditures and facilitates strategic planning for seasonal workloads and experimentation without incurring excessive licensing fees.

Rapyder’s Capabilities 

The Rapyder team excels in simplifying the assessment process for your organization. Through our OLA expertise, we skillfully delineate and quantify various options, including:

  • Maximizing cost efficiency through Bring Your License (BYOL) and optimizing CPU usage.
  • Unlocking value from your existing licenses across different AWS scenarios.
  • Thoroughly understanding your installation base by identifying elements across platforms, applications, and locations.
  • Providing continuous advisory support to help you navigate the spectrum of available AWS cloud options.
  • Offering guidance on optimizing your approach and devising a forward-looking licensing procurement strategy.


The Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) furnishes comprehensive insights essential for informed AWS planning and migration choices, all grounded in your authentic data. Designed to expedite your Windows migration expedition, the OLA offers a compelling business rationale derived from resource consumption analysis, finely tuned licensing strategies, and optimized provisioning techniques.

Rapyder makes this easy for you.

Hurry up and avail this assessment today! For more information, contact us on our website.


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