An Introduction to AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program

AWS migration
April 5, 2024

The Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) stands as an exclusive offering from Amazon Web Services (AWS), available solely through select AWS partners demonstrating expertise in successful customer migration and modernization on AWS.  

Leveraging AWS MAP, organizations can leverage the cloud’s reliability, performance, and security to build a strong foundation on AWS. Equipped with a diverse set of tools and resources, MAP facilitates cost reduction, automation, and expedites migration and modernization processes. This empowers businesses to navigate their cloud journey with seamless efficiency. 

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program comprises a three-phase prescriptive methodology designed to simplify processes, optimize costs, and apply AWS cloud best practices. This approach enhances the likelihood of a successful migration by leveraging proven strategies for efficiency and effectiveness. 

Step 1: Assess Your Readiness 

The assessment phase involves conducting a migration readiness assessment, identifying capability gaps, and creating a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to build business justification for your migration project. 

Step 2: Mobilize your resources 

Achieve breakthrough results through our human-led, tech-powered approach, streamlining cloud migration for success. We bridge capability gaps, enhance your team’s skills, and boost efficiency, accelerating your migration journey and business outcomes. 

Step 3: Migrate and modernize 

Transition from mere migration to comprehensive modernization with our human-guided, technology-driven approach. We facilitate extensive migrations and revitalize your key workloads and applications, fostering business model evolution, enhancing collaboration, and elevating user experiences. 

  1. Accelerated Migration: AWS MAP provides resources, tools, and expertise to accelerate the migration process, helping organizations swiftly transition their workloads to the cloud. 
  2. Reduced Risk: With AWS MAP’s guidance and best practices, organizations can mitigate risks associated with migration, ensuring a smooth and secure transition to the AWS Cloud. 
  3. Cost Optimization: The program assists organizations in optimizing their cloud costs, helping them identify cost-saving opportunities and avoid unnecessary expenses during migration and beyond. 
  4. Access to AWS Experts: AWS MAP connects organizations with AWS experts who provide guidance and support throughout the migration journey, addressing challenges and providing solutions tailored to specific needs. 
  5. Enhanced Performance: By leveraging AWS’s advanced infrastructure and services, organizations can enhance the performance of their applications and workloads, leading to improved efficiency and user experience. 
  6. Scalability and Flexibility: AWS MAP enables organizations to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the AWS Cloud, allowing them to easily scale resources up or down based on demand and adapt to changing business requirements. 
  7. Innovation and Agility: Migrating to the AWS Cloud through AWS MAP empowers organizations to innovate faster and become more agile, enabling them to rapidly deploy new features and services to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the competition. 

Access funding programs 

AWS MAP offers financial assistance to help offset your initial cost of migrating and provides additional business incentives to help you get started with AWS. Rapyder helps you take full advantage of MAP funding and incentives for all your migration and modernization initiatives. 

Improve cloud investments 

Rapyder assists its customers to enhance the worth of their cloud investments by offering strategic planning, implementing cost-effective strategies, and tailoring solutions to match their business goals. 

AWS-Certified Cloud Professionals  

When collaborating with us, you need not be a migration expert. Our certified architects, engineers, and consultants boast extensive AWS migration knowledge and cloud expertise to assist you in efficiently managing and executing your upcoming large-scale migration project. 

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) streamlines and expedites the migration of workloads and applications to the AWS cloud platform. It encompasses readiness assessment, migration planning, execution support, post-migration optimization, and training for a successful transition.  

Partnering with a seasoned technology expert such as Rapyder Cloud Solution ensures alignment with specific organizational needs, facilitating a smooth migration journey. AWS MAP enables businesses to leverage scalability, cost savings, faster provisioning, resilience, security, and innovation, with expert guidance enhancing the program’s benefits for a seamless transition to AWS. 

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