How Artificial Intelligence AI is Improving Cloud Computing

Statista’s recent report states, “The global value of the AI market will surpass an estimated $89 billion per annum by 2025.” The study also suggests that a significant percentage of this will occur owing to the accelerated demand for Artificial intelligence powering cloud computing.

In today’s digital world, Artificial intelligence and cloud computing impact the lives of millions daily. Digital assistants such as Siri, Google Home & Amazon Alexa show us the daily power of AI and cloud computing. A seamless operation of verbal commands or data backup over emails and cloud drives showcases how AI and cloud-based resources are improving our daily lives.

On the business side, AI technology coupled with cloud computing makes organizations more efficient, strategic, and insight-driven. With the cloud comes more flexibility, agility, and cost reduction, while Artificial intelligence allows easier management of data, analytics & insights, improved customer experience, and optimized workflows.

While we are familiar that AI, aka Artificial Intelligence, works on the ideology that machines can mimic human intelligence and are programmed to think and act like humans, blending it with Cloud Computing has benefited businesses and organizations.

Cloud computing, defined as the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, using the internet offers faster innovation, flexibility, agility, and scalability, supports AI like no other platform, and ensures better things for the growth of businesses.

The role of AI in cloud computing

According to experts, AI can be the technology to revolutionize cloud computing solutions. AI as a service improves cloud computing services and also creates new paths to innovative development.

Merging cloud technology with AI is essential to the modern world’s business and commerce. It creates a seamless, flexible environment allowing better data management, storage, structure, optimization, and real-time insights to improve business decisions. Along with improving the daily experience, it allows businesses to be more agile, flexible, and cost-efficient due to a substantial decrease in infrastructure management.

The AI infrastructure integrated with public cloud, private cloud & hybrid cloud provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Enhanced data management
  3. Accelerated productivity
  4. Intelligent automation
  5. Deeper actionable insights
  6. Increased security
  7. Reliability

How is AI improving cloud computing?

The future is of cloud computing and AI. It is going to revolutionize data management, storage, and processing in numerous ways. Below listed are five ways by which Artificial intelligence is improving cloud computing:

  1. AI powers a self-managed Cloud: Cloud computing uses Artificial intelligence to manage the automation of routine activities. AI tools are used to monitor and manage private & public cloud services, making routine tasks a more sophisticated independent procedure. With more data being fed into the Cloud Computing model by leveraging AI, the prediction gets better and more accurate. Cloud provides advanced computation techniques that provide incredibly powerful GPUs, thus supporting the AI infrastructure and contributing to better technology and outcomes.
  2.  AI improves data management: AI integration with data management systems boosts database query accuracy and performance while saving system resources. Additionally, the database created and accessed using a cloud platform increases the flexibility of cloud computing. As businesses deal with larger chunks of digital data, it becomes easy to stay organized with the help of AI tools. It also helps enterprises streamline data to ingest, update and manage finances over real-time information, aiding malicious activities and potential risks.
  3.  AI-SaaS integration to increase productivity: AI and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) benefit businesses in customer service, personalization & security. This combination helps businesses to provide more functionality and value to clients. The AI & SaaS integration allows enterprises to track consumer behavior and demand and, thus, provide better service. The Saas model makes hosting data and complex software requirements more accessible. However, having the entire data on the cloud makes it easier for businesses to access & use as per requirements.
  4.  AI reduces errors & costs: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Cloud computing offers excellent task automation. This ensures minimum human interference, and the tasks getting automated. With minimal human interference and the creation of a self-learning model, businesses can positively impact faster decisions, reducing the number of people involved. This will directly impact costs and also reduce errors. When coupled with AI, a cloud module guarantees the best service assistance by analyzing demand, available resources, competition & market trends without significant human interference.
  5.   AI offers enhanced security: Integrating AI (Artificial intelligence) with the cloud automatically enhances the security of resources and data and vice versa. AI tools better data processing and error spotting. It also reduces unauthorized access and human errors, detecting and blocking unusual events or interference. Security Automation in the Cloud using AI helps detect and block threats, thus limiting the exposure of security compromises. There has been a considerable rise in cloud security automation for these notable reasons that make AI’s contribution to the Cloud Computing area noteworthy.

The Future

AI and cloud computing are revolutionizing businesses at every level. From deep learning to the automation of critical processes, the potential of AI coupled with the cloud is limitless. This landscape and its usage are expanding with each passing day. In short, AI adds the Midas touch by combining forces with Cloud Computing when scaling business functionalities and integrations and contributing to business growth by leaps and bounds.

Harnessing AI’s maximum benefits requires partnering with the right cloud service partner. This is where Rapyder, a leading Cloud Service Provider, can help achieve your business goals and contribute to growth. With cloud computing becoming the default computing model in the days to come, combining AI and Cloud Computing can bring powerful changes in technology and impact our day-to-day lives more.


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