AWS Network Firewall using AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Network Firewall using AWS Firewall Manager
February 15, 2023
AWS Network Firewall using AWS Firewall Manager

Written by Chetan Melhotra

Rapid cyber-attacks are increasing, so it’s crucial to protect your application with a firewall. AWS Network firewalls protect your application from malware, botnets, and DDoS attacks while providing advanced access control.

AWS Network Firewall:-

AWS Network Firewall is a software-based, highly available managed firewall service that makes it easy to deploy essential network protections for all your VPCs and scale automatically with your network traffic without worrying about deploying and managing any underlying infrastructure. AWS Network Firewall deploys at the edge of your AWS VPC to inspect and control all ingress and egress traffic.

AWS Network Firewall Deployment

AWS Network Firewall provides extra features like deep packet inspection, application protocol detection, domain name filtering, and an intrusion prevention system. It also offers web filtering to stop traffic to known bad URLs and monitor fully qualified domain names. AWS Network Firewall’s stateful firewall can incorporate context from traffic flows, like tracking connections and protocol identification, to enforce policies such as preventing your VPCs from accessing domains using an unauthorized protocol.

Benefits of the AWS Network Firewall:

  1. Policy management is consistent across VPCs and accounts.
  2. Fine-grained controls for access provide flexible protection.
  3. It is easy to manage the infrastructure for High Availability.

How it works:

AWS Network Firewall is a stateful, managed network firewall that provides its services for AWS. It can be associated with other AWS Services like an internet gateway, a NAT gateway, a VPN, or a transit gateway.

AWS Firewall Manager is a security management service

AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Firewall Manager is a security management service that secures your virtual networks at scale inside the Amazon Cloud. It allows you to centrally configure Managed Rules for AWS Network Firewall policies across multiple AWS accounts and applications.

Adding new applications and resources to compliance by enforcing a standard set of rules is easy.

AWS Firewall Manager allows you to have a single service to build firewall rules, create security policies, and enforce them consistently and hierarchically across your entire infrastructure from a central administrator account of your AWS Organization.

Benefits of AWS Firewall Manager are:

Manage firewall rules for multiple accounts: –

AWS Firewall Manager is integrated with AWS Organizations so that you can manage AWS WAF rules, AWS Shield Advanced Protection, Security Groups, AWS Network Firewall rules, and Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall rules from one place.

Manage rules easily deploy across accounts:

Pre-configured WAF rules or from an AWS Marketplace seller can be deployed consistently across your ALBs, API Gateways, and CloudFront infrastructure with just a few clicks in the interface.

Centrally deploy AWS Network Firewall protections across VPCs: 

The security administrator can deploy a baseline set of VPC security group rules for EC2 instances, ALBs, and ENIs in your VPCs. From a single place, you can also audit any existing security groups in your VPCs and remediate them. You can allow Firewall Manager to deploy rules for AWS Network Firewall across your VPCs in your organization to control traffic leaving and entering your network. Firewall Manager can also associate your VPCs with Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall rules to block DNS queries.

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