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Enabling Modern Workplaces with VDIs in AWS Cloud

Work from anywhere enabled with superior and fool-proof user experience using Rapyder enabled Virtual Desktop Interface.

AWS offers a powerful solution for modern workplaces through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the cloud. With the assistance of Rapyder, AWS enables organizations to establish a superior and fool-proof user experience, allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Businesses are progressively adopting cloud technology in the current digital environment, and virtualization has taken center stage in their strategic planning. The capacity to support a distributed workforce across numerous locations and devices while guaranteeing safe access to sensitive data and proprietary applications has become crucial as businesses regularly assess their disaster recovery processes and business continuity capabilities. Organizations worldwide are turning to cloud-based End-User Computing (EUC) solutions offered by AWS to meet these needs.

By leveraging AWS’s VDI capabilities, businesses can establish a modern workplace that offers flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security. With AWS, organizations can create virtual desktop environments that can be accessed remotely from any device, enabling employees to work efficiently from any location. AWS ensures robust security measures to protect sensitive data and proprietary applications, ensuring only authorized individuals can access them.

AWS Workspaces

AWS WorkSpaces is a comprehensive cloud desktop service offering secure and managed desktop provisioning for Windows and Linux operating systems. With WorkSpaces, you can scale your desktop infrastructure to support thousands of users worldwide.

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End-User Computing for end user computing service provisioning

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Amazon workspaces
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Here are some of the key benefits of using AWS WorkSpaces:

  • Cost-effectiveness: WorkSpaces offers a cost-effective investment by eliminating the need for upfront hardware and infrastructure costs. You pay only for the desktops you provision, making it a flexible and affordable solution.
  • Familiar desktop experience: Users can enjoy a familiar desktop experience regardless of location or device. WorkSpaces enables seamless access to applications, files, and resources, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Enterprise-level security: With built-in security features and compliance certifications, WorkSpaces ensures enterprise-level security for your sensitive data and applications. Your data is encrypted, and you control policies, protecting your organization’s information.
  • Centralized management and scalability: WorkSpaces allow centralized management and scalability across multiple devices. You can quickly provision, manage, and update desktops from a single console, making administration efficient and reducing operational complexities.
  • Simplified backup and recovery: WorkSpace simplifies backup and recovery processes by automatically capturing and securing user data. In case of disruptions, you can quickly restore desktops to their previous state, minimizing downtime and data loss.
  • Automated patching: WorkSpaces automates the patching process for the underlying infrastructure, ensuring that your desktops are up to date with the latest security updates and fixes. This helps protect your environment from vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Remote working enablement: WorkSpaces empowers remote working by providing secure and reliable access to desktops from any location. This flexibility allows your workforce to stay productive and connected, even outside the office.

Amazon AppStream

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a service offered by AWS that enables organizations to stream their desktop applications to any device with a web browser, eliminating the need for application rewrites. With AppStream 2.0, users can seamlessly import their existing desktop applications to AWS, allowing them to maintain a single version of their apps while making them accessible across various devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Here are the key benefits of using Amazon AppStream 2.0:

  • Deliver desktop applications to any computer: AppStream 2.0 allows you to deliver your desktop applications to any computer with a web browser. Users can access their applications from different devices without needing local installations, enabling flexible access and collaboration.
  • Scale without infrastructure: With AppStream 2.0, you can scale your application streaming infrastructure without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. AWS handles the infrastructure management, allowing you to focus on delivering a seamless user experience to your users.
  • Secure applications and data: AppStream 2.0 prioritizes security by securely streaming applications and data from AWS to end-user devices. Your applications and data remain protected within the AWS environment, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Provide a fluid and responsive user experience: AppStream 2.0 ensures a fluid and responsive user experience by leveraging AWS’s powerful computing capabilities. Applications are streamed in real-time, providing users with smooth and interactive experiences, regardless of their device.

Why Rapyder

Rapyder’s End User Computing solutions are designed to assist organizations in proactively managing potential risks and addressing existing gaps in their business continuity strategies. Whether you are in the early stages of setup or actively working on your continuity plans, Rapyder offers comprehensive support. By leveraging the cloud’s power, scalability, security, and flexibility, Rapyder brings specialized remote working solutions directly to your home or organization.

Businesses may benefit from AWS’s extensive VDI and End-User Computing services by collaborating with Rapyder. Rapyder offers the knowledge and assistance required to implement and manage the AWS infrastructure, maximizing performance and providing a seamless user experience. With Rapyder’s aid, businesses can fully utilize AWS’s VDI capabilities, empowering their workers to thrive in a cutting-edge, cloud-based work environment.

Our comprehensive End User Computing solution encompasses:

  • WorkSpaces configuration for all use cases
  • Seamless migration of applications and desktops
  • Delivery of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution
  • Integration with Active Directory and Configuration Manager
  • Enterprise Windows 10 desktop delivery
  • Delivery of Linux desktop
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