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The ability for businesses to access compute, storage and services from the cloud is revolutionary. It has allowed them to build resilience in their businesses and achieve efficiencies at scale.

But are those efficiencies available to all businesses operating in the cloud – or are there opportunities to save money on your cloud spend by following best practice?

The cloud data protection experts at Rapyder and Veeam are here to help. To ensure you are maximising the capabilities of AWS cloud services and saving your business money along the way, we’re proud to present a new publication “16 Powerful Tips to Lower your AWS Spending”.

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Packed full of insights to maximize the value of your cloud investment

Packed full of insights to maximise the value of your cloud investment
  • How, when and why to communicate your needs to AWS
  • Taking advantage of tiers and regions • Choosing the right instance
  • Uncover cost savings through object storage
  • And much, much more
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