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Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Contrary to common beliefs, AWS outshines its competitors by running nearly double the number of Windows Server instances. Numerous customers have confidently selected AWS for their Microsoft Workloads, drawn by its exceptional platform, robust security features, and extensive service offerings, empowering them to accelerate innovation effortlessly.

Why Rapyder for Microsoft Workloads?

As an esteemed Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, we seamlessly combine our extensive AWS expertise with years of experience in Microsoft solutions. Our dedicated team of AWS-certified Cloud architects collaborate closely with your IT department to architect, implement, and manage secure, reliable, and cost-effective Microsoft solutions on the AWS platform. With a strong focus on automation and enterprise migrations, we simplify the complexities of deploying Microsoft workloads on AWS.

Rapyder’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our recognition as a Well-Architected Partner by AWS. We diligently adhere to best practices, recommended architectures, and stringent security compliance standards to ensure optimal operation and management of your applications.

Our Services

  • Strategic Planning and Analysis: We assist in planning, analyzing, and defining roadmaps for a smooth migration to AWS, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Legacy Infrastructure Migration: We specialize in migrating legacy infrastructure to the AWS platform, enabling organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.
  • .NET Application Migration: We facilitate the lift and shift of .NET-based applications and services to AWS, ensuring seamless operation in the cloud environment.
  • Maintenance and Configuration of .NET Applications: We provide comprehensive support for maintaining and configuring .NET-based application servers, including technologies such as IIS (Internet Information Services).
  • Data Migration to AWS: We offer expertise in migrating data from legacy databases like SQL Server to AWS, ensuring a secure and efficient transition of critical data assets.
  • DevOps Strategy and Transformation: We assist organizations in devising effective DevOps strategies and transforming their workflows, enabling efficient delivery pipelines in hybrid environments.
  • Monitoring, Performance Tuning, and Cost Optimization: We provide monitoring services, performance tuning, and cost optimization for diverse solutions hosted on AWS, ensuring optimal system performance and resource utilization while minimizing costs.

Microsoft Workloads on AWS – Rapyder Helps Customers

  • Increase Availability: With an HA Cloud Architecture
  • Licensing Flexibility: Define the lowest-cost licensing structure available.
  • Implement CI/CD pipeline: To increase security and performance.
  • Enable Compliance: Building security best practices into server access and data flow.
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