R-SECURE – A One-Click Remediation Engine

The Rapyder R-SECURE solution is based on the Security Hub’s AFSBP Standard (AWS Foundational Security Best Practices).

What is R-SECURE?

R-SECURE is an add-on that works with AWS Security Hub and provides predefined response and remediation actions based on industry compliance standards and best practices for security threats. It helps AWS Security Hub customers to resolve common security findings and to improve their security posture in AWS.

How will it benefit your organization?

The security hub provides organizations with a single place in the AWS environment to aggregate, organize and prioritize security findings and is an efficient way to manage cloud security posture.

R-SECURE Common Use Cases

  1. Management of cloud security posture.
  2. Standardize remediations using playbooks.
  3. Discover new insights by connecting your security findings.

Benefits of R-SECURE

  1. One-click remediations: R-SECURE enables you to remediate the findings with a single click.
  2. Reduces time and effort: It reduces the effort to collect and prioritize security findings.
  3. Automates Security Checks: It automatically performs continuous, account-level security checks.
  4. Consolidated view across accounts: It consolidates security findings across accounts and provider products and displays results on the security hub console.
  5. Best practices and standards security checks: It runs continuous security checks following AWS best practices and industry standards.

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