Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

OLA helps to save on third-party licensing costs and helps run your resources more efficiently.
OLA helps new and existing customers assess and optimize current on-premises and cloud environments, based on actual resource utilization, third-party licensing, and application dependencies.

Rightsizing of Resources

Discover workloads in your on-premises or cloud environment and build an inventory of your compute resources. Determine the right blend of on-demand and spot instances, dedicated hosts, savings plans, and other options tailored to your environment.

Cost Reduction

Without optimization of cloud infrastructure, the cost of over-provisioning third-party licensing exceeds the cost of computing. With OLA, you get the utmost value from your existing licensing entitlements by configuring your instances to require fewer licenses while still maintaining highly performing applications. Adapting to an on-premises licensing strategy enables your cloud migration.

Availability of flexible licensing options

OLA helps avoid unnecessary licensing costs and vendor lock-in. Flexible licensing options enable you to drive seasonal workloads and support agile experimentation,