As per the recent research, more than 98.2 million individuals got impacted by the biggest data breaches in the first half of this year, with three of those largest breaches happening at IT companies.

Rapyder along with Check Point is running a limited-time promotion that allows you to secure your cloud workloads. Our cloud security experts help you prevent such misconfigurations at convenient costs.

Freedom from Security Worries with Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Freedom from Security Worries with Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Rapyder has joined hands with Checkpoint to help businesses and protect them from misconfigurations. Here’s what we bring on table:

Limited Time Offer: You get 35% off the marketplace price.

Hurry! The offer ends on 30 Aug 2021.

Let us know a good time to cover more points over a call.

  • Cloud Security Posture Management
    • Protecting your assets and managing your inventory
    • Visualizing your network configurations
    • Creating custom compliance rules with unique GSL language
  • Threat Intelligence Essentials
    • Analyzing account activity analytics
    • Provisioning UEBA algorithms for anomaly detection
  • Higher performance and security
  • Protection of your workload and applications from possible threats, vulnerabilities, and cyber-attacks.
  • Helping you match up with the security requirements arising within the firm.
  • Detecting security threats and anomalous behavior in advance for you
  • Developing a dynamic cyber threat response strategy across your organization
  • Ensuring 24×7 monitoring for security and availability compliance for you
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The Independence Day special ‘Freedom from Security Worries’ offer gives you the flexibility of 2 months trial so that you can see the real-time benefits.