Cloud Database Migration Services

Cloud database migration services provider

Increasing demand of data management which is high in volume and diverse variety of data, such as text, videos, audio, images, logs and many more. There is no more the concept relevant for databases that one size fits all.

Our database expertise will help you in selection, implementation, migrations and 24X7 available managed services to keep your database up & running and performing.

AWS database migration service delivery

Database migrations to the cloud are often time-consuming and subject to frequent failure, but that is not true. With Rapyder’s in-house expertise in Cloud Migration and cloud Database Migration Services, you can now successfully migrate your databases along with the application stack to the public cloud easily and quickly. You can now also migrate just the Data of an application across different platforms and OS versions without having to complete a full migration. It means you can focus your efforts on the elements of your migration that are truly needed.

Implementation Service Offerings

The variety of databases are sometimes confusing too and selecting right database becomes a cumbersome job.
Rapyder helps organizations choose suitable databases under the umbrella of the public cloud.

Rapyder helps in implementing the selected databases offered by the cloud. We have helped customers to adopt public cloud platforms effectively & efficiently. The traditional RDBMS are very much available to run without much database administration efforts by using cloud offerings. Rapyder helps customers choose the right database by going through multiple exercises and creating a decision matrix for them to decide easily. Once a decision is made, we get into implementations considering your critical needs, such as security, separations, encryption, and other configurations.

24×7 Managed Services

The variety of databases brings complexity in managing different databases, and keeping all skills in-house is difficult and costs overhead. CIOs & CTOs are mainly facing the challenge of balancing limited resources and critical business projects while driving business agility and operational efficiency.

We are here to help you drive efficiency and effectiveness to your critical business systems by offloading the management of your databases. Our database practice enables you to keep your infrastructure available through our specialized managed services offering. To keep your database not only up & running but also performing up to the mark, some of the key database management responsibilities can be offloaded to Rapyder.

  • Continuous monitoring health
  • Assuring DR and BCP needs
  • Keeping your database performing
  • Keeping you audit ready
  • Ensuring availability and many more
cloud managed services

Rapyder’s Database Migration Service Offerings

Database Migration Service provided by our certified Cloud engineers cuts the time and cost to land your data on the public cloud data platform. We have implemented lift-and-shift database migrations for multiple customers with zero downtime. Whether you are running Online Transaction Processing or Data Warehouse workloads, we know the ins and outs of migrating databases and moving data with DMS.

Some of the scenarios we support are:

DBMS optimization

Optimize DBMS TCO, utilization and
capacity management

 Data integration across all applications & partner services

Integrate data across all your
applications and partner services

From DBA support to managed DB

From DBA support to
managed DB

Database Migration Services

Source Platforms

Database migration services source platforms

Destination Platforms

Database migration services Destination platforms

How Database Migration works?

Wherever your database may be – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others – Rapyder can get it working on the cloud platform.
Our deep expertise in managing cloud operations helps you reduce your responsibility of DB administration.

Database migration admin requirements


Map out full range of data sources, schema inter-dependencies and admin requirements, to ensure target architecture meets/exceeds performance expectations

Using Amazon native tool to optimize database performance


Use cloud native tools to optimize
database performance, replication, schema structure, and more to help modernize as you migrate to public cloud platform

Database cloud migration management


Build and run continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, and business continuity, with dashboards to ensure cloud migration delivers predictably and consistently

Database cloud migration optimization


Continuously analyze data growth plus emergent integration needs; keep pace with your market and competitive environment, as application and analytic use cases continue to evolve