Neogrowth – DevOps

Neogrowth – DevOps

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DevOps Neogrowth - Neogrowth - DevOps

About The Client

Neogrowth is a pioneer in lending based on the underwriting of digital payment data. It is a NBFC registered with RBI organization and started commercial operations in 2013. The company’s proprietary technology platform offers unsecured loans to merchants who accept cards and other digital payments from customers. By far, Neogrowth has partnered with 13000+ business merchants to help them grow their businesses. Their mission is to have a positive social impact on the financial lives of small & medium business merchants across India. These merchants are more than 50% of whom are creditworthy but until now have been excluded from accessing loans based on traditional underwriting methods.

The Business Need

As an organization that provides loans to SMEs, maintaining a proper base of customer relation and interaction is a huge requirement. Hence, the client was developing an internal CRM application for which they were performing manual deployments in their environment. This made the development process highly prone to human erros, reduced efficiency and affected the code quality.

Developers at Neogrowth were logging into the production servers which was a major security risk for the organization. With these pain points, the overall

  • Overall development time increased with backlogs of non-critical errors
  • The process did not allow optimal utilization of resources
  • Coding process was prone to human error and rectifying changes was causing unintended consequences.challenges the client was facing were:
Neogrowth Solution - Neogrowth - DevOps

The Solution

  • The client was using GitHub as their version control system for which AWS Code Pipelines were implemented for each environment that would get triggered whenever any commit was made to the corresponding branch of GitHub repository.
  • As soon as the code was committed, Code Pipeline would get triggered and pull the code from repository and trigger the Jenkins build.
  • Jenkins was used to validate the config variables. Hence, in any scenario of any variable missing, the entire build would fail.
  • For any deployment failures, Code Deploy Rollbacks were implemented to deploy the previously stable running version of the application.
  • Upon successful build, AWS Code Deploy would get triggered and it would Deploy the artifacts to the target servers.
Neogrowth Windows DevOps Diagram 01 - Neogrowth - DevOps

The Benefits

Cloud experts at Rapyder provided the whole solution in just two weeks in which the right solution and configuration that could support the seamless functioning of the application was designed to achieve the desired results.

Benefits that Neogrowth witness were:

  • With fully automated CI/CD solution, any scope of human prone errors was removed which increased fastened the entire
    development cycle.
  • With automation in the development cycle, the time to market of this CRM application was reduced to 40%
  • The client to witness a ROI of 30%
  • As the development lifecycle was automated, developers now spend more time development rather than operations.

About Rapyder

Rapyder Cloud Solutions is agile, innovative company that makes Cloud work for you. With a young, passionate team and expertise in Cloud Computing Solutions, Big Data, Marketing & Commerce, DevOps and Managed Services, Rapyder is the leading provider of Strategic Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, DevOps Automation, Managed Services, and Security Consulting. With headquarters in Bangalore and sales & Support office in Delhi, India, we have the global assimilation of the cloud industry and ensure optimal technology solutions to reduce costs, streamline business processes and gain business advantages for their clients. For any queries, call Rapyder Cloud Consultants on +91 73386 86644 today! To know more about the company, please visit

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