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Fibre2Fashion Witnessed a Significant Decrease In Operational Support Costs


Fibre2Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is a market-driven B2B site established in 2000 with the intention of supporting and serving the textile industry. Since that time, it has constantly grown by leaps and bounds. They have effectively been able to service all the segments of the textile, garment, and fashion industries with more than 1800 items classified under 13 distinct categories.



Business Need:

In order to service all of its clients with a single infrastructure, the F2F team sought to increase the scalability of their solution with a high availability multi-tenant design.


AWS Migration, Auto-Scaling

Solution Approach:

The customer’s application was thoroughly examined by Rapyder’s cloud consultants, who then created the ideal configuration and solution to enable the application’s flawless operation and address the aforementioned issues.


  • The Amazon EC2 server was set up, and all conditions were met.
  • Transferring On-Prem Data to the AWS Cloud
  • DNS pointing was done using Route53.
  • RDS was built on a personal subnet and was recovered using a SQL dump.
  • For high availability and scalability, servers were placed behind an ELB and in an auto-scaling group.
  • Auto Scaling Group was linked with the AWS Active Directory solution.
  • Lambda code was created to copy the code from the AWS code repository to the server. The Lambda function was developed within the same network for enhanced security.

AWS Services:

Amazon EC2, Route53, AWS Security Practice, AWS SQL, AWS Lambda

Reaping Rewards:

  • A significant decrease in operational support costs.
  • Over time, capacity developed to grow more quickly while continuing to exercise control and oversight over its deployed workloads.
  • The amount of time and labour needed to manage the server monitoring duty was decreased by auto-scaling.
  • Applying AWS Security Practices and enhancing security by limiting access
  • Imposed SSL certificate on the load balancer

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