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Who Are Decisions Makers Of The Cloud And What Should They Consider?

Who are Decisions Makers of the Cloud and What should they consider?

Some part of business is already on the cloud, but migrating to cloud completely is a whole new ball game ...
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How To Build A Cloud Strategy For Your Company

How To Build A Cloud Strategy For Your Company

Organizations that lack a high-level cloud strategy risk wasted investment and failure. Cloud computing, with all its features and benefits, also ...
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Cost Optimization Strategies For Compute Instances

Cost Optimization Strategies for Compute Instances

The study says, 50-to-80% of cloud bill comes in the form of Instances or Virtual Machine. And this cost can ...
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Understanding DevOps And AWS Well Architected Framework

DevOps and AWS Well Architected framework

By now, everyone in the software industry is aware of the term "DevOps" and it has become something of a ...
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Cloud Computing Predictions To Watch

15 Cloud Computing Predictions to Watch in 2018

Given a large number of companies migrating their legacy IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud, it is safe to ...
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Hybrid Cloud Adoption: 5 Essential checkpoints for successful adoption

5 Essential Checkpoints to Simplify Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-computing environment to improve IT agility and increase cost efficiencies. With different sets of requirements for ...
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Cloud Agility and Flexible Multi-Cloud Strategy to Improve Cloud Data Management

A growing trend of hybrid and multi-Cloud architecture adoption is seen at the leading enterprises. An increasing number of companies ...
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