AWS Well Architectured Framework

Well Architected Framework

Maximize Results with Optimized Structure

Streamline and enhance security, efficiency, performance, reliability, and cost optimization with a unified review and framework in the AWS environment.

AWS well-architected partner program

AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework offers a comprehensive set of architectural best practices encompassing the five pillars. These pillars serve as guidelines for designing and operating cloud-based systems that are reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective. By utilizing this framework, organizations can assess their existing or proposed architectures using a set of well-defined questions. Additionally, the framework provides a collection of AWS best practices associated with each pillar. By incorporating these pillars into their architecture, businesses can establish stable and efficient systems, allowing them to focus on other design aspects, such as meeting functional requirements.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a valuable resource for customers seeking to construct highly secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures for their applications. By adhering to this framework, customers can adopt a consistent approach to evaluate their architectures and receive guidance on implementing scalable designs that adapt to evolving application needs over time.

5 Pillars of a AWS Well-Architected Framework

Well-Architected Framework for performance efficiency
Performance Efficiency

The Performance Efficiency pillar focuses on efficiently utilizing computing resources to meet system requirements, adapting to changing demands, and leveraging evolving technologies to maintain performance.

Well-Architected Framework for operational excellence
Operational Excellence

This pillar focuses on effectively supporting the development and operation of workloads, gaining insights into their performance, and continuously improving processes to deliver business value.

Well-Architected Framework for reliability

The Reliability pillar encompasses the ability of a workload to perform its intended function and operate throughout its lifecycle consistently. It emphasizes testing, proper operation, and ensuring the workload functions as expected.

Well-Architected Framework for security

The Security pillar is centered around protecting data, systems, and assets while leveraging cloud technologies to enhance security.

Well-Architected Framework for cost optimization
Cost Optimization

The Cost Optimization pillar emphasizes running systems that provide business value while minimizing costs. It involves optimizing resource usage and finding cost-effective ways to achieve desired outcomes.

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The Way Forward

Incorporating these pillars into your AWS infrastructure allows you to create highly reliable, performant, resilient, and secure systems. The framework offers questions that help assess your architecture, ensuring it aligns with AWS best practices for each pillar. This approach lets you focus on functional requirements while building stable and efficient systems.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a valuable resource for customers looking to optimize their applications’ infrastructure. It offers consistent guidance for evaluating and implementing scalable designs that can adapt to the evolving needs of your application. By following this framework, you can build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient AWS infrastructure possible.

Rapyder certified Well-Architected Partner

Value Brought in with Well-Architected Framework

For customers utilizing AWS, engaging in a Well-Architected Review can deliver significant value to their infrastructure landscape:

  • Rapid identification and resolution of issues: The review process efficiently identifies and addresses any critical issues pertaining to Performance, Operations, Reliability, Security, and Cost. This ensures that customers can swiftly rectify these issues, enhancing system performance and operational excellence.
  • Stay informed about new AWS services: Throughout the review, customers are kept informed about the latest AWS services that can effectively tackle the specific issues uncovered during the discovery phase. This empowers customers to leverage the most advanced AWS offerings to address their infrastructure challenges.
  • Optimize workloads with a Well-Architected roadmap: Customers who have fully embraced AWS can create a comprehensive “Well-Architected Roadmap” (WAR) for all their workloads. This strategic roadmap enables customers to extract maximum value from their AWS investment by aligning their workloads with the best practices outlined in the framework.
  • Free trial of Cloudzatic, a cloud management tool: As part of the Well-Architected Review, customers receive a complimentary trial of Cloudzatic, a Cloud Management Tool developed by Rapyder. This tool provides continuous monitoring capabilities and automates essential but repetitive tasks within the AWS environment. Utilizing Cloudzatic, customers can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and perform critical tasks accurately.

Engaging in a Well-Architected Review on AWS empowers customers to optimize their infrastructure, mitigate potential issues, and take full advantage of the extensive AWS service ecosystem.

Free WAF Review and up to $5,000 in AWS credits!

Rapyder, in partnership with AWS, is offering a free Well-Architected Review for qualified customers and usage credits of up to $5,000 towards further AWS services highlighted in the review’s remediation plan. The Well-Architected Review assesses a specific, business-critical workload against the five pillars of the WAF, including operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

How the Well-Architected Review Works

Detailed explanation on how Well architected review works
Selecting a workload and set aside time for well-architected review

Select a workload and set aside time for review

  • Invite stakeholders from both business and IT domains
  • Leverage Rapyder’s cloud management tool, Cloudzatic, to accelerate discovery
Perform assessments and Audit for compliance with the five pillars of Well-Architected


  • Collaborate closely with Rapyder’s certified Solution Architects to analyze identified workloads in detail.
  • Conduct assessments and audits to ensure compliance with the five pillars of the WAF.
Rapyder provides recommendations based on the audit reports

Post Review

  • Rapyder will offer recommendations based on the audit reports.
  • Customers have the flexibility to choose remediation actions based on the criticality of the findings.

Why choose Rapyder?

When considering your AWS needs, Rapyder stands out as an excellent choice. As an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS, we have a proven track record in assisting customers to fully leverage cloud features, from requirements analysis to architecture design and implementation.

By choosing Rapyder, you benefit from our independent advice, backed by established research methods and our team’s extensive sector knowledge. We prioritize a strong client focus, offering more than reports or analyses. Our range of AWS offerings includes:

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Cloud Consulting
Greenfield Implementation & Migrations services
Greenfield Implementation & Migrations
DevOps services
DevOps Services
Well-Architected Reviews
Well-Architected Reviews
Security services on the cloud
Security on the cloud
Disaster recovery services on the cloud
Disaster recovery on the cloud
Managed cloud services & optimization
Managed services & optimization

With Rapyder, you gain a trusted partner that can guide you through the entire AWS journey, helping you harness the full potential of the cloud and achieve your business goals.

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